Certified SEO pundits as well as so-called SEO pundits would readily agree to the idea that quality links which look natural and organic to Google will surely merit a website a higher ranking in the search engine page results (SERP). This is definitely true considering the insinuations provided by the different Google updates since the rolling out of Penguin. There is indeed no better way to reach the highest ranking of the SERP except through the proper creation of quality links.

Yet, links can be artificially created and you can increase and expand your networks of links if you got the help of an SEO expert. My businessman friend, for example, in San Francisco, hired one of the best San Francisco SEO solutions he could avail of upon seeing that the ranking of his website in Google seemed to be stuck in the quagmire of abysmal immobility, robbing him of potential clients and customers. Remember, if your website belongs to the top rankings, your website would surely be clicked upon by web searchers who are looking for their needed services and products. Hence, the advantages of being on the top rankings are very obvious and your business will really miss these advantages if your website ranks lower in the SERP. True enough, after hiring the best SEO expert in San Francisco, my friend’s website steadily wiggled its way up to the top ranking which, in turn, readily translated to more business inquiries and actual clients.

SEO experts, if they are real experts, can really catapult your website to the top rankings. They could get you the best domains for your website. Likewise, they could provide your website with an elaborate networks of links because they know where and how to get those links. Links are the bedrock of a quality and authoritative website. Hence, any SEO expert would readily suggest that you create links to high PR sites. Sites are usually ranked by Google according to PR levels. There are sites that Google holds as authoritative and trustworthy. Thus, if your website is linked to these authoritative sites, Google may think that your site is really good and authoritative as well. Consequently, if you link to these high PR sites, you would get quality links that would bring in the much needed link juices. Moreover, links to high PR sites would readily give your website a stable ranking which would be untouchable if your link-building effort is rightly done.

If you are still confused as to what I am saying about PR links, let me clarify PR links. PR links are simple links that are strategically placed on the contents of some PR sites. Contents do not necessarily mean the contents of the website. Contents may refer to the comments that you have made on a particular blog or a forum in which you become involved. Likewise, if you did some guest-posting on some high PR sites, you are automatically creating high PR links to your website.

Links are signs and indicative of the quality and authority of your website. The more links your website have to high PR sites, the better therefore. Moreover, your links should be naturally looking and diversified so that Google would not suspect that you are up to something hanky-panky in the creation and building of the links of your website.

The Importance Of SEO Pundits
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